Faculty Projects

EGARC provides instructors with access to and training in new instructional technologies. We also provide technical support for grant and research projects focusing on languages, cultures and the use of technology in the humanities classroom. This support can range from the use of portable equipment for collecting materials, to scripting and graphic design assistance for web-based projects, to basic audio and video editing, to consultation on best practices. Faculty interested in pursuing such projects are encouraged to meet with the Director early in the planning process to find out what resources are available both at EGARC and across campus.

Между нами: An Interactive Introduction to Russian

Winner of the 2016 Access to Language Education award from the Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium and the 2017 Best Contribution to Language Pedagogy award from the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages.

Contact(s):  Dr. William J. Comer; Lynne deBenedette


A media-rich curriculum for intermediate Spanish that answers the MLA's call for the development of "transcultural and translingual competence" and serves as a platform for collaboration among instructors learning about technology.  Winner of the 2012 Focus Award from the Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO).

Contact(s):  Dr. Amy Rossomondo

Black Poetry After the Black Arts Movement

A fifteen-month program funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities that seeks a reassessment of African American poetry during the last fifty years, particularly the divergent and yet cross-fertilizing trajectories of spoken word poetry and refined academic poetry.

Contact(s):  Dr. Maryemma Graham

Don't Deny My Voice

A fifteen-month program funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities responding to the resurgence of interest in and production of contemporary African American poetry.

Contact(s):  Dr. Maryemma Graham

La corónica Commons

An online platform to represent and cultivate the field of Ibero-medievialism and to foster collaboration and innovative approaches to the study of the medieval literatures of Iberia. A sister site of La corónica , a peer-reviewed journal published since 1972 by the Modern Language Association.

Contact(s):  Dr. Isidro J. Rivera

East Africa’s Digital Health Divides

Funded by the Hall Center for the Humanities, this LAB of Africanist faculty and students offers a new model for research that emphasizes an interdisciplinary team approach to the study of pressing global social problems.

Contact(s):  Dr. Kathryn Rhine; Dr. Elizabeth MacGonagle

El español en los Estados Unidos

Supplementary materials for students in beginning Spanish that focus on issues of cultural identity of Spanish speakers in the United States. Includes glossed readings, extensive multimedia content and flash-based comprehension questions.

Contact(s):  Dr. Karen Acosta

Language Training Center

A multi-year grant program that provides customized training in languages, cultures and area studies to meet the needs of Department of Defense personnel. EGARC is also the physical home for KU's Project GO grant, which provides support to ROTC students studying strategic languages.

Contact(s):  Dr. Jonathan Perkins

Making the Wright Connection

A fifteen-month program funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities that explores Richard Wright and his influence on the American idiom.

Contact(s):  Dr. Maryemma Graham

Migration Stories: Africans in Midwestern Communities

A year-long program funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities that seeks to foster public discussion about the challenges and opportunities surrounding African migration to Midwestern communities.

Contact(s):  Dr. Elizabeth MacGonagle

Open Educational Resources in the Humanities

A platform for the cultivation and promotion of humanistic content that is freely shared with the public. Projects may be of varying sizes and may eventually gain a level of development that necessitates spinning them off to an independent website.

Contact(s):  Dr. Jonathan Perkins

Postcards from Abroad

Complete series of podcasts from the 60-second radio program that airs on KPR. Travel across the globe without leaving home thanks to Kansas Public Radio, the Office of International Programs, and the five international area studies centers at the University of Kansas, which collaborate to produce the series.

Contact(s):  Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Teaching the “Long Hot Summer of 1967” and Beyond

A three-week institute funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities that considers questions of race, equity, and social justice that continue to shape current events, and explores historical and contemporary interpretations of their causes.

Contact(s):  Dr. Shawn Leigh Alexander

Tolstoy Commons

An online community designed to foster conversations about the Russian author Lev Tolstoy and to serve as a clearinghouse for scholarly activity related to his life and works. A companion website to the Tolstoy Studies Journal, the peer-reviewed organ of the Tolstoy Society of North America.

Contact(s):  Dr. Ani Kokobobo