Ermal Garinger Academic Resource Center


Main Reception: 4070 Wescoe


The Center provides a wide array of facilities and portable equipment to facilitate the use of technology in the classroom. We offer instructor training and classroom demonstrations on a wide variety of topics, including the use of our digital language lab. EGARC is also available to consult on all technology questions within the Humanities, ranging from advice on the best DVD player to installation of foreign language support to the infrastructure of a large-scale research project. Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, we may be able to provide direct assistance or to facilitate work with other units on campus.

Learning Commons: 4070 Wescoe


The Learning Commons (4070 Wescoe) is the unit's "front door" where patrons come to check out videos and equipment, to ask questions and to make requests. It is also the heart of the unit, an active learning space designed to facilitate both individual and group work with technology.  The space provides access to four computer workstations with pdf form-feed scanners, four video viewing stations, a collaborative work space with extensive whiteboard space and a social conversation area with seating for eight.

There is also a drop box to the right of the door to 4070 Wescoe to return materials when EGARC is closed.

Frank Bangs Memorial Classroom: 4066 Wescoe


The Frank Bangs Memorial Classroom (4066 Wescoe) is a dedicated teaching space assigned to instructors for the entire semester. The room contains a movable instructor podium and six group stations that can be easily reconfigured to hold up to 36 students. Each group station has a Windows computer, a 55" flat-screen monitor, and wall-mounted laptop and USB inputs that connect directly to computer or monitor. Whiteboard surfaces cover most of the walls, and two LCD projectors display a mirrored image on opposite ends of the large classroom. In addition to a Blu-ray player, a DVD/VCR unit, a document camera and both analog and digital laptop inputs, the movable instructor podium features a SMART Podium for annotating directly on the computer screen. The instructor machine also runs software that allows the instructor to share the podium display with all of the individual group displays, share the display of one group with all of the other groups, restrict web use, and send out polls for class feedback. Also available in the room are USB ClickShare devices that allow students to wirelessly project their laptops to the two main projectors in the room.

The was built in Summer 2014 as a collaborative project between the Office of the Provost, Design and Construction Management, Information Technology, and the Ermal Garinger Academic Resource Center.

Active Learning Classroom: 4068 Wescoe


The active learning classroom (4068 Wescoe) is a dedicated teaching space assigned to classes for the entire semester. It contains a movable instructor podium and reconfigurable tables that seat up to 20 students. There is a 24’ unobstructed whiteboard directly behind the instructor and a large projection screen on the opposite side of the room. Students have easy access to power outlets and wireless connectivity to the projector for presenting group projects.

EGARC Computer Lab: 4074 Wescoe


The EGARC Computer Lab (4074 Wescoe) consists of 31 computers, including an instructor station with its own computer and a visual presenter, both of which are connected to an overhead LCD projector for display to the class. Using the attached headphones with built-in microphones students can use the lab to listen to foreign language textbook supplements from our digital library, watch DVDs, and record their voices digitally for class assignments. In addition to the standard Office 2010 installation (Word, PowerPoint and Excel), the room provides access to MultiSpeech, SPSS and a variety of multimedia programs. Although this room is primarily a open computer lab, it can be reserved for individual class sessions in which students will be working on computer-based projects.

EGARC Conference Room: 4038 Wescoe


The EGARC Conference Room (4038 Wescoe) is specially designed for class meetings, presentations and conferences for twelve or fewer people. The room is equipped with a multi-standard VCR/DVD, a computer, and an LCD projector that projects all video signals to a large screen at the front of the room. The room is also equipped with a video conferencing system. This system can be used to have a guest lecturer speak to your class (while remaining at his/her home institution), to facilitiate discussions with students from another school about course readings or world events, to conduct interviews with off-campus job candidates or to allow members of MA/PhD exam or dissertation committees to participate from off-campus. Use of the video conferencing system requires consultation with a member of EGARC's staff to determine the validity and efficacy of the planned use.

EGARC Sound Booth: 4070B Wescoe


The EGARC Sound Booth (4070B Wescoe) is a soundproofed mini-studio designed to create audio supplements for class use. Audio files can be created in either analog (cassette tape) or digital format. Digital files can be edited for content and saved in a variety of formats, including .wav and .mp3. These files can be burned onto CDs, sent by e-mail or uploaded to BlackBoard or the web for student use. The sound booth is the perfect place to record dialogs for language tests, conduct oral interviews or make language supplements for in-class or web-based instruction.


EGARC will be physically closed until further notice, with all staff working from home.  You may contact us 8:00am - 4:30pm M-F at or 785-864-4759.

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